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Welcome, friends! Thank you so much for visiting this page, and learning more about how you can help support our neighbors, The Wingen family, as they endure the tragic loss of their daughter Waylynn. As we expect flower orders will start to roll in, we wanted to come up with a way to help you all send your love to the family, whilst not overhwhelming them with multiple deliveries. With their blessing, we will be arranging a memorial flower bomb. We will design a large scale arrangement in honor of Waylynn so that we can all send our love & well wishes.

A $5 donation will add a flower to the arrangement, and you may also leave a message for the family that will be worked into the design. $3.50 of your donation will be donated to Aimee & Bryan to help them through this difficult time. Many of us are patrons of Wingen Bakery, and this will allow them to take any time off needed as well as cover any expenses that come with these tragedies. 100% of any donation over the initial $5 will be added to the family fund. 

We are working with the family on the date of the set up and will keep you all posted. In order to offer full transparency, I will also make available to the family a file of donations received. 



Thank you all so much for donating! With your help, we were able to provide a beautiful floral display to honor Waylynn, which included all of your messages of love. We were also able to give the family a cash donation of $7,000, which will greatly help them as they figure out their next steps. If you wish to contribute further, you can visit the Go Fund Me page that was started for them at Waylynn's birth. 


Again, a sincere thank you for participating in this project!

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